It is a fact that many of the most influential figures have opted to buy followers before the world knew that buying followers for top social media sites like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook were even possible. Many of you may now know this due to wide spread scandals like the Justin Bieber scandal and many other famous celebs and influential figures who were put on blast in order to denounce their credibility to help keep others from initiating in the same routine however I can assure you that these follower buying figures continue on despite the “media” rejection it brought. So now the question we are left with is why? Why do those we know can garner fans on their own buy followers? Why is it so important to maintain a large level of following in business and even personal life? The answer to these questions lie all around us! The top grossing companies have invested in social media and truth be told in order for them to continue to flourish they need these influential figures to appear relevant and not just slightly relevant but maybe a little “overly relevant/important.” In order for social media or any source of power to stay powerful you have to have a line set between the influential/popular and non-influential/un-popular! This could very well be the conspiracy that led to the credibility blame of pop singer and idol Justin Bieber who still to this day condones “not publicly” in buying followers. It has become as natural to them  as breathing air. The more you have, the more relevant you seem and it is true that gathering large numbers on your own whether you are capable or not simply takes too much time. Time that people with money and large shoes to fill would rather not spend.


Every entrepreneur should have an official representative page on Facebook.This is not your everyday personal Facebook page but a more professionally motivated approach to potential customers and fans on Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest if not the largest social network online. It has become known for hosting a worldwide engaged audience across many platforms including mobile apps, online, and instant messaging. With so many different ways to communicate with your audience I'm sure you can see how it can be vital to your overall marketing strategy. Most successful businesses when it comes to marketing on Twitter tend to be large corporations due to their large capital giving them the ability to make larger investments towards their marketing goals. So with large corporations setting the trend for successful online marketing practices it is very difficult for small business owners as well as entrepreneurs and local shops to find their place on the Twitter market to optimize product and brand exposure without some help from sites allowing you to buy followers. Buying followers is perhaps the quickest resource site owners, small businesses, and entrepreneurs have to make a statement to potential customers and clients as well as large corporations. A statement that suggests even though you haven't heard of my company, seen countless high quality advertisements on entertainment resources such as television advertising, I am still of social and economic importance in the marketing industry. One of the largest benefits you will receive from having a large following on sites like Facebook is the ability to promote your content with a higher chance of a return on your investment. When you buy followers you are setting the stage and the level of professionalism you wish to receive from potential customers and overall how you want to be perceived.


The absolute key to really taking off and achieving success is by looking successful. Think of having many Twitter followers as as if your buying a new suit for your next interview – you look good, you feel good and people see this and are more apt to hire you. It is proven that you have a large following people are more apt to join in as they see you as trustworthy. This relates to your social credibility and influence. Twitter is a simple online community where numbers equal power. Using a Twitter followers service is a way to give you a quick leg up and propel you towards success. It has been found that natural increases in social media presence can increase by 40% after using a followers service. It is possible to start from scratch and garner followers organically but it takes time and with little money for television marketing, newspaper advertisements, or other main stream ways of marketing it will prove tedious. Twitter does offer tweet promotion and even promotion for your account however it can cost up to $0.50 for each follower that you gain during your promotion campaign and it's not guaranteed that the users will continue to follow you after your campaign has ended. Many users today agree that they find it hard to engage with another user especially if the user represents a company and has little following. You want to think of your social profile like a resume. There are good resumes, bad resumes, and then there are those who are elite. A Twitter profile with a large following is thought of to be an elite prospect. It helps when it comes to proving your overall worth and almost forces interested prospects to remain interested leading to a potential sale. The best part about Twitter for small business is the fact that it allows you to showcase a link on your profile which you would most certainly want to have linking to a source where interested parties can either buy, engage, or share your content.  This allows a traffic source for your website and acts as a great backward link for your resume.



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